School of the Kings

When I started doing my ground school studying, I was told about King School. I’d heard many comments about King School. John and Martha King, two very experienced pilots, have a ground instruction kit that they sell. The kit is either videos or books that basically teaches how to fly and what makes flying possible and etc. From the many comments and opinions I received regarding King School, I formed a general picture of them as being over-the-top cheesy/corny but very thorough.

I decided to go with another ground instruction program. I’d thought to myself, those Kings are probably too cheesy for me.

I ended up going with MZeroA by Jason Schappert. His videos are entertaining and won’t put you to sleep. I watched many of his videos all the way til unit 4. Then I started having problems. I’d like to point out that Jason is a very good instructor and knowledgeable. But his MZeroA private pilot course wasn’t as thorough as I thought it’d be. After three units, I began hitting the advanced stuff like density altitude and understanding airspace. I had only 1.6 hours and taken two flights by that time. The ground schooling quickly turned into a snowball of doom. I stopped watching the videos and searched for another outlet.

My instructor gave me a book which was much more thorough. It was made by Piper Aircraft and from the 70’s. I studied through the first chapter and began getting confused when I hit chapter two: radio communications. It didn’t properly teach an airplane’s NAV/COM like I needed it too. Also, I believed some of the information was a little outdated. These days we have GPS and more advanced communication systems than what the 70’s did. Again, I searched for another outlet.

A friend gave me King School Private Pilot Course videos to watch. I remember looking at the folder full of King School videos and thinking about how quickly I’d probably be put to sleep by them. I started watching the videos.

When you set your expectations low, there’s a high chance you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I was pleasantly surprised. King School had indeed turned out to be thorough. Very thorough. But more than that. It was highly informative and packed full of information. It was also very easy to understand. They could explain the complicated process of stalling an airplane to a two-year-old child and make perfect sense. The videos were corny yes but not as terrible as I’d expected.

In the very first video John King says, “What makes an airplane fly? Money.”

I do have to point out that unless you’re interested, you’re bound to end up bored to death. The King School is probably still the best ground school out there even if very cheesy.


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